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Thursday, April 19, 2007

politics of designing // a question at stake
hinzugefuegt @ 2007-04-19 15:28:45 CEST by a
In 2006 the Danish contribution to the »Vennice Biennial« caused furore. The first time in history Denmark won the »Golden Lion« of the prestigouse Mega-event in Architecture. Four young Danish design-teams were sent out to produce in »CO-EVOLUTION« (so the Title of the project) with design-teams from 4 Architecture schools in China, sustainable urban visions for four Chinese Mega-cities.
The jury – lead by chief-moralist Richard Sennet and with members like (Prince) Amyn Aga Khan, the English sculptor Antony Gormley and the Grand-dame of a twisted architecture-business Zaha Hadid – made a political correct decision. Besides the »golden lion« for the best national pavillion for Denmark, the City of Botogtá got awarded one for its efforts and politics towards more public space, and the Spanish office Higuera + Sanchez got honoured for its housing project »Brazil 44« with yet another lion in gold.

The jubilant commentatorship in Denmark about the prize-winning over-turned themselves with praise and delight! The Nations architecture-pride and self-awareness, was finally again certified. Denmark is a big architecture nation (and one already knew that long before, of course). All the critical voices fell silent … only some sporadic news items in the international press would utter some concern and matter – but still didn’t really know how to handle this decission.

Obviously – traditionally reviewed – are these co-evolutionary projects naïve, ultra-modern, rational episodes of a technology-driven architectural functionalism, that live up to shallow rethorics. It is obviously altogether just like a restaging of H.C. Andersens’ fairytale »The Emporer’s New Cloths«? – this time in another dicipline ….

But it is not so easy like that! Such a criticism would underestimate the symbolic efficiancy of events like »Vennice Biennial«; but it also would overlook the politics of such designs. In other words: the projects and the exhibition cannot be disposed in this manner. We would repress some important contemporary aspects of a design practice, that in our case is about Nation-building and Nation-branding. Denmark invests a huge amount of money to be able to live up the myth of the design- and creativity nation. Architecture is here only a small and usefull fraction for a bigger, political agenda ….

The contribution to the »Vennice Biennial« raises (and we could specify numerous other cases from the design, arts and crafts or architecture in Austria or elswhere in the world) the question about the »politics of designing«.

What are we – as Designers and Architects – doing, when we plan urban projects or landscapes, when we project houses or when we develop design-objects for the everyday use? How are we able to reflect on this process and its politics? Are the objects autonomous figures or figurations? Are these formations only constructed through our own preception? Or, as new theories put it (see: Rancieré’s »Polititcs of Aesthetics«, Bourriaud »Relational Aesthetics«, »Postproduction«, Rebentisch: »Die Ästhetik der Installtation«), does the politics of designing lay in the relationship of the user and the design-object (in other words: between the subject and object). … And what kind of effects does the designing have onto our environment.

A question, that can be posed on different scales: be it the urban, be it the scale of the house or that of the deisgn-object; a question that – in other words – underlays all creative work. In that respect a ontologic question of the design-practice as such.
A problem that is also being increasingly discussed in the international arts- and aesthetic dicsourses in the last years (see: Bourriaud, Rancieré, Rebentisch, etc.).
But also a question, that deals with a cumulative globalized market for design and architecture: a situation that is different to a classical-modern context; a situation that affects the contemporary design practices. A question, consequently, that asks for a cultural-political programm that alters facts, in stead of only interpret or experience it differently …
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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Die xarch-Linkliste
hinzugefuegt @ 2007-04-08 17:30:44 CEST by gernot
ein Experiment am experimentellen Webserver.

Ich habe ja vor langer Zeit auf http://del.icio.us/xarchgernot eine Linkliste begonnen, um die vielen schönen Inhalte der xarch noch auffindbarer zu machen. Das könnte sich doch Wiki-artig auch organisieren lassen. Und darum beginne ich das jetzt, vielleicht wird was draus.
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Saturday, April 7, 2007

faq + hilfe
hinzugefuegt @ 2007-04-07 13:20:04 CEST by w
- wie kann ich eintraege hinzufügen, kommentare schreiben?
- wie komme ich zu einem benutzeraccount?
- muß ich xarch-benutzer sein, um einen weblog-account zu bekommen?
- kann ich meinen weblog-benutzernamen oder mein weblog-passwort ändern?
- ich möchte eine eigene webloginstallation. geht das?
- ich habe eine neue frage fürs faq, wo kann ich die stellen?
- wie kann ich einen einzelnen eintrag für alle user editierbar machen (wie bei einem wiki)?
- funktionieren html-tags und formatierungen?
- wie kann ich bilder und verweise (links) einbauen?
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Thursday, April 5, 2007

hinzugefuegt @ 2007-04-05 00:54:20 CEST by w
ein bissi missverstaendlich, es werden seiten visualisiert, nicht sites, trotzdem:

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

das haus ist gefallen
hinzugefuegt @ 2007-04-03 21:07:37 CEST by w
chongqing, china:
das wohl prominenteste alte gebaeude chinas ist nicht mehr.
wie die kronenzeitung berichtet haben wu ping und yang wu nach drei jahren aufgegeben (?) und ihr haus wurde gestern abgerissen.

(bildquelle: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2007-04/02/content_841969.htm)
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Monday, April 2, 2007

hinzugefuegt @ 2007-04-02 04:14:11 CEST by w
herzlich willkommen im architektur-log der xarch :)
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